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Happy Jacks

Jarnee J/R Just Jillaroo



We are very happy to say that as well asJarnee J/R Just Jillaroo living in Sweden with Christina of Ducklings Kennel. Jarnee/JR Just A Matilda has also gone to join them


Jarnee/JR Just A Matilda

We would like to wish Christina, Jillaroo and Matilda all the best in the future.


Jarnee J/R Just Jessie

Jessie is now living n Broome WA, enjoying herself on the family boat!

Taking it easy!

Jarnee J/R Bella

Enjoying a run on the beach at the Central Coast.

Jarnee J/R Bella

Jarnee J/R Just MacGregor C.D.A.D.J.D

Competing in agility.

Jarnee J/R Just MacGregor

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